You Can Go Green By Hiring a Junk Removal Service

We get it. You finally found the time to clean out your garage and you are ready to see the junk gone. Once you’ve chosen what items will stay or go, you likely want everything out of sight right away. Junk removal services can help.

You may think that bringing items to the curb or hauling junk in your car is a good idea. This method can take a lot of time, energy and even cost money. Your curbside trash service may charge your for heavy or bulky items.

Junk removal experts are equipped to pick up your unwanted junk efficiently. They are also able to dispose of your junk in a green, eco-friendly manner. While saving the planet might not be the first thing on your mind when cleaning out your garage, it can make a big difference.

Junk Removal Can Help You Donate to Those in Need

A company that provides junk removal is able to take everything from your large bulky items to your small odds and ends and distribute them for reuse. This can mean taking them to second-hand stores or donating them to charity.

Just because you don’t want an item anymore, does not mean that someone else doesn’t need it. The old adage that your trash could be someone else’s treasure still rings true.

A junk removal expert can donate items including clothes, furniture in good shape, tools, machinery, craft supplies, large and small appliances, books, electronics and more. Even if items are not in working order, some charities will accept the donation, fix the broken item, and be able to donate it to a family in need.

More Recycling Equals Smaller Landfills

You may think that if you cannot reuse an item, it is trash. A trash removal expert, however, knows how to break down and reuse items for parts. They will know how to recycle items such as electronics by stripping them down into reusable parts.

Junk removal experts know how to reduce, reuse and recycle specific items. This makes a big impact on how much junk makes its way to our landfills. Items made of metal, wood, plastic, glass, paper, aluminum and much more can be reused to make other products.

According to the EPA, in 2017 52.1% of all junk went to a landfill and only 25.1% of it was recycled. Junk removal professionals can impact this number by disposing of your unwanted items, as opposed to leaving them curbside or bringing them to the landfill.

Dispose of Dangerous Junk Safely

Sometimes you cannot recycle your unwanted junk and someone needs to dispose of it safely. In this case, it’s even more important to hire junk professionals. If they are not able to donate or recycle your junk, they have the skills to dispose of dangerous items in the proper manner.

It’s important to know what items are hazardous and how to handle them with care when disposing of them. Often, you’ll need a professional to help you with this, since certain items can cause harm to other people, drinking water and the planet in general.

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