How To Complete a Patio Demolition in A Few Easy Steps

If your concrete patio is deteriorating, you may be thinking of removing it. Patio demolition is a complex task to undertake. Some people may choose to DIY it, but it is highly recommended to work with demolition professionals for this kind of job.

You will find that patio demolition can be messy, loud and time consuming. Demolition professionals will know exactly how to keep things clean and ensure a smooth removal. Here are common steps they would take to remove your old patio.

How to Prepare for Patio Demolition

The first step to patio demolition is preparation. A professional demolition crew will know how to prep the area around your patio for the removal. They will make sure that anything that needs to be boarded up is safe. They will also cover anything that you don’t want to get too dirty with things like drop cloths, plastic or boards.

Another good idea is to let your neighbors know that there will be a demolition crew at your house. The actual demolition part of a concrete patio can be loud. You’ll also want to see if you need any kind of permit to perform the demolition. Lastly, take some before pictures so you can share your yard’s transformation.

Patio Demolition – The Messy Part

Your demolition crew has a few choicesof equipment they can use. If you are only removing part of your patio, they may use a cutting saw to remove concrete without damaging the surrounding areas. If you are removing your entire patio, the crew may use a jackhammer or something more powerful than a simple saw.

As we mentioned before, patio demolition can be loud and messy. But, with the right crew on your project, it won’t last long. Sometimes pieces of concrete and concrete dust can fly around and settle in your yard. Sometimes you can use water to keep too much dust from flying around. The right crew will make sure that your property is clean before leaving from the site. It is also important for this portion of the demolition that everyone wear full safety gear to protect themselves from injury.

Now, It’s Time To Cleanup the Debris

So, what do you do once the patio demolition is complete? Well, the next step is, of course, the cleanup. If you hire a demolition crew, you can expect them to do the bulk of this part for you. A crew may bring a large dumpster in which to throw all of the old concrete tiles. They will also remove any plastic, boards or drop cloths that they brought with them. You can expect hired professionals to clean up most of the large debris.

After the demolition is over and the bulk of the debris is cleaned up, there may be a few things left to do. You may want to wash any windows close to the former patio area. You can also use a pressure washer to remove any leftover concrete and construction dust.

Lastly, Reclaim Your Yard

After your patio demolition and cleanup are complete, you have options. You may want to replace your patio with new grass seed. Another option is to put in a new patio that suits your style and taste. Some homeowners may want to add a pool or other luxury feature to their yard after a patio demolition. Your property is your space to kick back and relax, so be sure to fix it up to your liking.

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