7 Signs It’s Time to Haul Junk Away from Your House

As we go through life, we accumulate things slowly. Different seasons of life bring different items to collect. College years, kids, and grandkids all bring their own set of memorabilia. Before we know it, we are covered up in things we don’t need and we might not even notice. Here are 7 signs that it’s time to call someone to haul junk away from your house.

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  1. It’s Time to Haul Junk Away If You Can’t See Your Floor

If you walk into your house, garage, or basement and can’t see the floor, it’s time to make a change. No one wants to trip over their belongings as they go through the day. According to research, clutter is a leading cause of slips, trips and falls. Clutter can be a hazard to your health in many ways, so consider hiring someone to haul that junk away.

  1. If You Can’t Find Anything When You Need It

Spending most of your time looking for things you need is a waste of your time. According to a study, people spend 6.5 months of their lives on average, looking for something they lost. That is way too much time in your life, rooting through clutter to find needed items like keys and glasses.

  1. Haul Junk Away If Your House is Considered a Fire Hazard

According to the U.S. Fire Administration and FEMA, clutter can be a fire hazard. You need to be sure that you do not have items near windows and doors. In addition, be sure that your kitchen and heating equipment is clear of clutter. Many house fires start in over-cluttered garages or kitchens. Too much junk in your home will make it difficult for first responders to find and rescue you or loved ones in case of emergency.

  1. If Your Junk Doesn’t Work Anymore, But You Still Keep It

Be honest, you’ve been planning on fixing that junk in your shop or storage shed for years now. It’s time to admit that you could use that space for something more valuable and useful than a broken down washing machine or refrigerator. When you have too many projects overwhelming your space, it’s hard to accomplish anything. It’s time to take an honest look around and acknowledge your time restraints.

  1. If You Couldn’t Say What Most of it is or Where You Got It

If you possess a lot of unidentifiable junk, it’s time to haul it away. There may be piles of boxes, parts, boards and machinery in your space. If you can’t name what it is, where you got it or what you’ll do with it, then it’s time to remove it from the premises. Opening up space like this for things you’ll use is a way to free up your life for things that you’ll actually enjoy.

  1. When You Are Embarrassed to Invite People Over

You’ll know deep down inside if this one applies to you. It can be tough to dig your house out of the junk in order to entertain guests. If your yard, home or any part of your property feels embarrassing for you, it’s ok to call a professional and ask for help. Professional junk haulers will come to your home with no judgment and help you clear it out. Your space can become a place you are proud to show off.

  1. It’s Time to Haul Junk Away if it is a Constant Source of stress

If you identified with any or all of the above points, you are probably also under constant stress because of your junk. All of these scenarios can be a cause for overwhelm in your life. If you are constantly tripping over clutter, looking for lost items or unwilling to invite friends and family over, it’s time to haul junk away and never look back.

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