Things to Consider Before Starting a Fireplace and Chimney Demolition

If you are reading this, you’re probably considering removing your fireplace and chimney from your home. You may have a lot of questions and concerns about the process. Removing a chimney from your home is a huge undertaking. Many people choose to hire a fireplace and chimney demolition service.

Chimneys and fireplaces can warm your home and provide a nostalgic aesthetic. However, you may find that over time, your chimney begins to deteriorate. You also may want the space that your fireplace takes up in your home back. Many people find this decision to be a difficult one, so we’re here to help.

Save Energy with Fireplace and Chimney Demolition

It is difficult to completely seal a fireplace off from the elements. Because of this, many people find that a fireplace leaks a lot of thermal energy and lets in cold air. If your fireplace is no longer in use, you probably have a secondary source of heat. You will save on heating costs by demolishing your fireplace. Some people recommend replacing with a free-standing stove for a more efficient and effective heating source.

What Will The Neighbors Think?

An old chimney can be an eyesore. Although some well-maintained chimneys can be quaint, many will break down over time. Your homeowner’s associations may have guidelines about upkeep of the exterior of your home. Some counties also have local pollution ordinances that can impact your use of a chimney. Homeowners may choose to replace deteriorating chimneys, but many eventually choose fireplace and chimney demolition instead.

Reclaim Your Space and Your Aesthetic

Some people have cute fireplaces that make their homes feel cozy. However, some fireplaces are outdates and it’s obvious that they were designed for function over form. If your fireplace or what is know as the “chimney breast” juts out into your living space, you may want to remove it. Some fireplaces can take up an entire wall and jut out far into the room. You may feel like the rom is smaller and darker because of this. Homeowners who choose fireplace and chimney demolition, can replace that space with things they need or art that they appreciate.

Should You DIY it or Hire Professionals?

Many people are really into DIY-ing things right now. It can be adventurous and save cost to do things on your own. However, fireplace and chimney demolition isn’t recommended as a DIY project. This blogger explains the difficult process and the cost associated with doing it on your own. You will need many tools and a way to remove all of the construction debris, which will be several tons.

We highly recommend hiring a professional chimney and fireplace demolition company. Professionals will be able to do the job quickly so that inside your home is not exposed to the elements for too long. Also, professionals will be able to remove all debris and leave your home and lawn looking brand new. Although hiring a company to demolish your chimney may be more expensive, it balances out when you consider how much time, physical labor and money it costs to do it yourself.

If you are considering having your fireplace and chimney demolished, call us for a quote. Our demolition services are well-known throughout Harford County, Baltimore County, and the surrounding areas in Maryland. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. Give us a call at(443) 752-9428.

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